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Q1 Isn't this just another one of those Scam Websites that rob people off their money?
Now I get feedback from several purchasers of my ebook, and many have thanked me for the ways in which I have helped them open up their minds and imagination
to achieve their success. Some have also notified me of how skeptical they once were due to the nature of this "website" to "look" very much alike to a Scam website which was a reason why they were unsure whether to purchase my ebook in the first place.
Rest be assured though, this website has been existent for a very long time now, and if this surely was a scam website, would this website still be up and running? I would surely have been taken down by now for fraud.

Q2 But your website looks so much like a website scam!

My website is a very personal one I have set up myself in which I only have the very basic skills of designing my website, thus it is not the best looking one in the World, but it will do for now until I get it done professionally. I am already looking into that.
Lastly, for those who still think this is a website scam, think about it, my transactions are handled by Clickbank which is a very well reknowned company in the world where they handle digital downloadable products, as well as each and every credit card processed securely by them. It is compulsory for companies to have their websites and products carefully examined before they authorise approval for them to market their products.
If you don't believe me, do a little research on the Clickbank company (online merchant) as well as about the approval process.

Q3 But what if the product I get is just a load of useless information and I waste my money?

If my ebook was just full of useless information, then everybody would request a refund and I would be making a loss for this website!
As well as the 90-day money back guarantee...think about how I managed to keep this website up and running? The costs and maintenance are high, and a lot of customers are entitled to refunds if the quality of my ebook is not good. If I make such losses, there would simply be no point in me having this website online.
With that said, for those who are interested or curious about my ebook, I guarantee you that it is of the most utmost quality information that you will ever have laid eyes on, and each and every penny you invest towards it, will be worth it.

After all, a lot of people already have, and they are thankful gaining their success for me aiding and helping them through my ebook.

And for those who yet still think this is a scam website, email me and ask me what you would like me to do to help prove to you that I am genuine I will be more than happy to.

Q4 Will this work for me?

Absolutely! If you follow the advice given, then you should NOT fail your driving test. However, we obviously cannot and do not make any guarantees on this matter.
If you want to pass first time, it's important that you STICK to the advice given. If you do this, then you really shouldn't have any trouble come the day of your test. 

Q5 If you're really trying to help people, why don't you give this information away for free?

When you give something away free or for next to nothing, people do not value it as highly, therefore it sits around ultimately gets thrown away or deleted without any effort made to utilize it. Now when you spend £10.99 for something, you make damn sure you actually attempt to use the product. And in order to pass your UK Driving Practical Test, you WILL need to actually USE the information.
Also, I know that the process of learning to drive can be expensive, especially if you repeatedly fail your test, and I take pride in being able to offer this e-book at such a reasonable price.

Q6 What type of product am I going to receive?

You will receive an e-book that will be delivered electronically to you over the internet, and you'll be provided with simple download instructions shortly after your purchase.

Some users prefer to read in the comfort away from the computer; You are more than welcome to print out the entire eBook with your own printer, at a friend's house, at a local library or office. But you are only allowed to print out one copy of the entire eBook, unless you purchase another license from us.

Q7 How long will it take to download an eBook?

The file size of the main ebook "How To Pass your Driving Test First Attempt with Just Two Minors!" is 539 KB.
and for the Bonus book (you will get this for úzero if you're one of the next [ 2 ] people to purchase the main ebook) this bonus ebook is called
"101  Sure-fire  Ways To Fail Your Driving Test...And EXACTLY How To Avoid Them" and the file size for this is 192 KB.
Both eBooks can be downloaded within a matter of seconds. At most, would be less than 3 minutes with a 56K Dial Up Modem.
For those on DSL, Cable and LAN connections, you can download Almost Instantly!

Q8 Can this advice be considered 'official'? (e.g. what you might hear from an official examiner)

No. This information is based almost entirely on first hand experience. Dan J (me) passed his driving test first time with two minors, and this is exactly how he did it (and how you can too). You'll find a lot of info here that you'll never have read in an official driving manual before. Don't worry though, everything that you would hear from an 'official' is here also! 

Q9 How safe is it to order online?

You can be 100% confident ordering this product. ClickBank (the online merchant) has been around since the mid 90's, and is the number one choice of legitimate businesses selling their products online. They have an excellent track record of safety and security for online purchases, and they use the latest encrypting technology to ensure a secure transaction that you need not worry about. 

Q10 Why is the price in dollars?

This is because ClickBank can only process orders in US Dollars at the current time. This product is for learner drivers in the UK only, however, and we are NOT a US based firm. The issue of currency conversion is resolved entirely by your bank, so there's no need to worry!
You can't lose with our 100%,
ironclad, Money-Back Guarantee

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Dan J
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